medical-alert-peanut-allergy-label-lb-2094Food allergies can affect about 30% of the world’s total population, and this is still growing at a very alarming rate according to the World Health Organization. It can affect any people at any ages and at any time. Food allergies have increased dramatically over the past decades. The severity of food allergies can range from mild to severe,
and it can be fatal when not treated early and properly. Most of the people who experience food allergies sometimes take these allergies for granted without having the
knowledge that allergies can become life-threatening. However, allergies are not only present in food, but they can also be present in drinks like dairy milk, fresh milk or sodas; and also in the environment like having a contact with harmful airborne substances. But the most common cause of allergies is coming from food intake. It has been documented that there are more than 200 kinds of food that can cause food allergies to the human body.

child-allergy-pfs4The physicians and researchers are not yet able to figure out and find out the etiology of the causes of allergies in food and the main reason on why there has been a dramatic increase in food allergies. There have been a lot of hypotheses made on why food allergy incidents are increasing and it is now a growing concern because there have been reports of fatalities due to complications caused by food allergies. Fortunately, even though the researcher and physicians are still figuring out the main cause of food allergies, treatments and medications are now available, and there are some medications that can be bought even without any prescription from the doctors.

Treatment of Food Allergies
For unintentional exposure of food when you happen to have food allergies to certain foods like peanuts, milk, dairy products and eggs; it is advisable to talk to your professional aid and have yourself to do and follow the procedures and steps below.

  • You must be able to wear a medical necklace or alert bracelet.
  • You must carry with you an auto-injector which contains the epinephrine or also referred to as the adrenaline.
  • If symptoms persist, it is advisable to seek medical help right away before it gets worse.

For mild symptoms of food allergies which are not part of the anaphylactic reaction, it is advisable to talk to your health care professional even if these symptoms and signs are only mild. However, sometimes it could be very difficult to detect which signs and symptoms are mild or not. Still, it is much better to talk to your healthcare professional regarding this matter.

Prevention of Food Allergies

Prevention is better than cure. Below are some of the best ways to cure and prevent food allergies. For some people, the things below, they may find it quite an inconvenience and hardship but these is just some ordinary things for you to follow to lessen frequent food allergies.

  • imagesAlways Know Your Limitation: Know what you eat and what the foods that you are prohibited to eat. However, you are allowed to eat the food which could trigger your allergies but with moderation because too much of it will eventually harm your system. Do not challenge your body beyond its limit.
  • Talk to Your Healthcare Professional: This might come very expensive when frequently done, but this is one of the best things to do to learn and talk more about food allergies. However, there are some home remedies available to do to prevent and cure food allergies.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure and medication are expensive. Taking good care of your body is one of the things you should be able to do every day. It is your responsibility to love and look after your body because you only get to have one functional body.